A beautiful studio located by the Fiveways & Preston Park areas of Brighton

Previous Artists


Matt is a landscape photographer of the Sussex and South Coast Landscape. His photographs reflect personal moments of peace and escapism where the day to day is left behind and an improved sense of perspective is achieved.

"In our busy lives where we are constantly online it’s more important than ever to take time to reconnect with the here and now. Quiet contemplation and patience is often needed when creating images; qualities that become evident in the final image – even if just subconsciously for the viewer.  
I focus on the elements of a landscape where nature is already presenting a sense of calm; there and clear for all to see or where a degree of 'artistic persuasion' is required to bring it to the fore.   
Photography as an art is a powerful medium for clearly sharing such personal experiences. I hope this exhibition will stimulate others to slow down from time-to-time and better connect with the world around them."

https://www.instagram.com/mattgoddardphotography/  | www.mgoddard.co.uk | mattgoddard@gmail.com | 07920 038501



 Laura paints in oils to capture semi-abstract interpretations of landscape, exploring the demarcation between colours, textures and horizons. She’s interested in morphology; the bones of the land below and the feeling of the weather above; the emotions and experiences that landscapes evoke.

She uses mark-making, words and textures to build the idea and meaning of the landscape as it appears to her. Northern light and the chalk hills of the South Downs where she lives inspire her work.

Her portraiture and still life paintings are more figurative, but use similar methods of paint application and mark making to evoke light and atmosphere.

She exhibits in Sussex and London and is studying painting at the Art Academy.

All work on display at Starling Studio is original, oils or oil pastels on fine art paper.

If you would like to purchase any of the work seen here, please contact Laura on:

E:  laura@lauradarling.co.uk

W: www.lauradarlingart

T: 07505 358950



 Brighton based designer Rachel McCulloch studied fashion in London in the early 00’, since then she has been working as a fashion designer for various leading brands and designers. Alongside this, she has been building her fashion illustration career, illustrating for clients such as Alexander Mcqueen, TOVE and other emerging luxury womenswear labels.

Her style is a mixture of hand drawn and digitally rendered elements. Drawing heavily from her career in fashion design, her artwork is inspired by street style, contemporary fashion editorials, and style icons of our time.

For commissions /collaborations and prices, please contact:

Email: RachelMcCulloch84@gmail.com

Instagram: @rachel_rae_draws



'I have been lucky enough to live in the Fiveways area for nearly 20 years now, teaching Art and Design to Ks3, GCSE and A Level Students. I originally trained in Fine Art time based media creating film and mixed media installation work. Black and white image and narrative are still strong elements of my work today.


This current series of work explores the surrounding area of Brighton; City, Sea and Downs, through surface, symbol and mark making.


Street Figure Series

The Street figure series investigates our constant relationship with technology. I love the visual qualities of data and numerical imagery, but am also intrigued by the idea of the unseen waves of data that are constantly moving through our bodies. Whilst developing this series of work I also became reflective of how traditional paintings would capture busy street figures, or social café scenes, yet as I looked down the streets of Brighton the figures I observed were connected through technology or devices.



This series explores the relationship of line, mark making, and repetitive patterns or marks to capture the lines and movements of the skyline


If you would like to purchase any of the work seen at Starling Studio, please contact me on: sambeckbrighton@gmail.com'