A beautiful studio located by the Fiveways & Preston Park areas of Brighton




May 2020 would've marked the start of the @artistsopenhouses but sadly this isn't happening for now. However, we have some artists displaying work in our window bought to you in the spirit of the fablous @openwindowscampaign, which aims to see local windows filled with art throughout May.

Drop by if you're taking your daily exercise- the window is meant to bring a little joy during 'lockdown' walks, as well as an opportunity to purchase some local art work........enjoy!!! 

Please see individual bio's below:


Bebe Bird's Ceramics are a blend of Creative Sculptures and functional Studio Pottery.

Her sculptures, inspired by nature, will remind you of sunny days beach combing whilst her studio pottery is high-fired to withstand the rigours of everyday use, including dishwashers.

She is a member of Shoreham Art Gallery where she has a permanent display both inside and in the garden. Commissions are happily taken but she needs 3-4 weeks to complete. You can view Bebe' website here:



relish art studio

Clo Barrett

Relish Art Studio is the home of local artist printmaker, Cloe Barrett. Her latest works, a series of words, affirmations, and light-hearted quotes, are intended to serve as daily reminders. Twelve of the 30 works are exhibited here in a single frame but all come individually unframed and can be bought in collections of up to 30.

The new limited editions were produced in 30 days for the 30 works 30 days’ challenge by 12ø. The project requires artists to submit a new work every day throughout the month of April. The series comprises 270 new prints and took hand cutting 409 letters; 10 dots; 7 shapes; 4 stars; 4 symbols; 9 hand gilded gold leaf suns; a heart; a moon; and 108 hand written letters to produce. The whole collection can be viewed on www.relishartstudio.com with all enquiries to info@brighton-starling.com


Helen J HOLROYD prints

 My favourite subjects to draw and transform into colourful prints are where nature and domestic meet - vases, pots, leafy exotic plants, birds, patterns, domestic and wild animals, gardens. Things growing suit my calligraphic line drawing. My love of exotic mixed with ordinary is apparent in my colour choices - every picture being a journey in interweaving colours until a balance is found which conveys sunlight, contentment and a smile!

My prints are archival quality (non-fade) made with pigment inks on cotton rag paper.


laura darling

 I paint in oils to capture semi-abstract interpretations of landscape, exploring the demarcation between colours, textures and horizons. I’m interested in morphology; the bones of the land below and the feeling of the weather above; the emotions and experiences that landscapes evoke.

I use mark-making, words and textures to build the idea and meaning of the landscape as it appears to me. Northern light and the chalk hills of the South Downs inspire my work.

I exhibit in Sussex and London and am studying painting at the Art Academy.

E:  laura@lauradarling.co.uk

W: www.lauradarlingart

Instagram: @lauradarlingart

T: 07505 358950

'Witterings'-(Picture to the left)


Artisan Jewellery

Mandy Atkinson

Affordable and inspirational work; mixed precious metals combined with exquisite gemstone beads; knitted gold filled and sterling silver earrings, cuffs and necklets.

I have been making jewellery since I was a young child. My mother clearly remembers me stringing beads as a 4 year old and I loved playing with my aunts broken necklaces, a couple of which I treasure to this day. I also worked on a jewellery stall on a local maket when I left school.

I often altered pieces of costume jewellery to suit my preferences and to give to friends. I made my own wedding jewellery too!

After a nursing career in the NHS, I retrained and used the opportunity to unleash my creative side. Now I can't imagine not making jewellery - I dream about wire and gemstones and the shapes that can be made.

Wire is a fascinating medium with which to work and colour is key in all my work, the way the colour combines with another frequently inspires me to the next combination and so on. As well as using traditional silversmith techniques, I experiment with new techniques - my passion just increases!


Sally eva draws

I am Brighton based artist and I originally studied fine art painting at Wimbledon college of art. 

After experimenting with many different media, I am currently enjoying using pen and ink to create  drawings of my favourite places.

Follow me on Instagram @sallyevadraws or email me at sallyevadraws@gmail.comif you would like more information or are interested in me doing a commission of one of your favourite places.